Coffee time...

We love coffee and cake almost half as much as we love guitars and music and so it was a natural decision for us to start offering fresh ground coffee, cold drinks and sweet treats instore to go along with ur selection of instruments, accessories and services.

Come in and grab a drink and a chat anytime, or have a cappuccino whilst thinking about your next present to yourself...

Everything here is available to takeaway and in vegan form where possible.


Americano/Latte/Cappucino/Mocha  -  £2

Hot Chocolate with Cream & Marshmallows -  £2

Cup of Tea/Instant Coffee  -  80p

Pot of Tea  -  £1.50p

Milkshakes - £1

Soft drink can  -  80p

Bottled water  -  50p

Cup of Squash  -  30p

Apple/Orange Juice-  60p



Caramel Shortcake - 80p

Mint /Orange Slice - 80p

Crispy Square - 80p

Muffins - £1.20

Malteaser Cake - £1

Rocky Road Slice - £1

wall to wall music livingston is the trading name of west lothian guitar services ltd. - sc567672

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