Coffee Shop


Coffee time...

We love coffee and cake almost half as much as we love guitars and music, and so it's a natural decision for us to offer fresh ground coffee, cold drinks and sweet treats instore to go along with all our instruments, accessories and services.​
Come in and grab a drink and a chat anytime, or have a cappuccino whilst thinking about your next present to yourself...​
Everything here is available to takeaway and in dairy-free form wherever possible.


Americano/Latte/Cappucino/Mocha  -  £2
Hot Chocolate with Cream & Marshmallows -  £2
Cup of Tea/Instant Coffee  -  80p
Pot of Tea  -  £1.50p
Milkshakes - £1
Soft Drink Can  -  80p
Bottled Water  -  50p
Cup of Squash  -  30p
Apple/Orange Juice-  60p