Aguilar Pickup 70s Series 4 String Jazz Bass SET

The 70�s versions have a brighter, more strident tone that is perfect for slapping, funk and R&B. Because pickup windings and materials varied so much throughout the 70�s, we used several pickups from different years as our sonic models. Through a process of listening and prototyping we discovered the wire size and winding patterns that reproduce the bright and deep sound of the 70�s jazz bass pickup. Available as a calibrated neck and bridge pickup set, the AG 4 and 5J-70 pickups are direct replacements for Jazz Bass� style basses. The AG CL accepts a narrower, 17.5mm - 18.5mm string spacing. Wire: Enamel, 43 gauge � Magnets: Alnico V � Cable: Single conductor, cloth-covered

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