Joyo AD-2 Acoustic Preamp/DI

Joyo AD-2 Acoustic Preamp/DI

The AD-2 is an acoustic preamp and D.I. Box, it is designed for use with electro acoustic guitars or with electro ukulele. The JOYO AD-2 has a built-in dual band EQ so you can fine-tune the low and high frequencies. It also features a treble boost to push the high end when you need it. Another very helpful addition is the anti-feedback circuit, this is very useful for live performances. 
Another great feature is the clipping LED, if your input is too high the LED will go from Orange to Red, preventing any unwanted distortion.
Perfect for performing and recording with a balanced output to your mixer or recording device, at the same time enabling you to continue to use your acoustic amp as a stage monitor if you wanted. The AD-2 can be powered with a battery or a 9v DC power adapter.


Input level - controls the level of the signal input

Treble - boost or cut the treble band frequency

Bass - boost or cut the bass band frequency

Anti-feedback - use this to manually filter the howling frequency point (range from 80hz to 300hz), the anti feedback button must be activated.

Output level - controls the output signal level


Input - from your guitar

Output - out to your acoustic guitar amp (so you could use them as a monitor)

XLR Balanced out - straight to the mixing desk or your recording interface using the XLR input.


Anti-feedback - activate or deactivate the feedback filter

Treble boost - boosts the treble.


Input clip - This LED indicates if the input signal level. if it is distorted this will be red, amber is acceptable but some clipping may occur.


Input impedance 3.9 M ohm +/-5% @1k Hz

External Power supply DC9V 100mA / 9V layer-built battery (not included)

Operational current: 8ma

Unbalanced output impedance :1k ihm

Balanced output Impedance : 820 ohm

Item Weight 800 g

Product Dimensions 140 x 145 x 55mm


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