W2W Custom Shop!  Chord CAL-63
  • W2W Custom Shop! Chord CAL-63

    Whoops, I did it again... The CAL-62/63 series guitars from Chord are STUPENDOUS value for money for a starter or spare guitar but are an absolute no brainer as a starting point for modifying to make something very special... Which is what we've done here! We've taken the vintage white CAL-63 with it's Alderbury and Maple/Kabukalli neck and added the following: - 2 x Warman RetroRocker humbuckers at neck and bridge positions. - 1 x Warman Texas Ranger alnico V single coil in middle position. - Custom wiring : the neck and bridge pickups are controlled with a 3 way switch, the middle pickup with its own blend control meaning it can be blended in with any of the 3 pickup selections! There is a master volume/tone in the 50s configuration and it has CTS pots, Panasonic capacitor and Switchcraft jack...only the best! - Finally it has has a bone nut installed and given a full pro setup 😁 This is a huge amount of guitar for an awesome price, the selection of tones available is quite something... Come get it before it mysteriously goes missing....

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