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west lothian guitar services

Setups, neck breaks, pickups changes, restringing and so much more - We supply all these services here at West Lothian's seven day music shop!

We offer super work at super prices and can offer any number of suggestions on how to make your guitars, acoustics and basses look, sound and play better! Just get in touch....


Restringing your guitar or bass can feel like a laborious task to a lot of players....but we love it!

Restringing starts from £10 plus cost of strings and we will also give your instrument a clean and polish up whilst we're at it!

We've been there - You save and save and then spend £100's on a brand new guitar you have lusted after for months or even years... You finally get it in your hands and it feels horrible.

Guitars are almost always not ready to play as well as they should straight out the box and certainly not if they are your old ones that have been tucked away in a cupboard for years!

We can change all of this...

Setups start from £35 and are just about the best thing you can do for your instrument outside of playing it regularly! 


Get in touch and let us show you how we can make this more fun for you.

RESTRINGING - from £10

We install pickups, create custom wiring and fit replacement parts to make your guitar an ever more excellent tool for expressing yo'self!

Let us know what you fancy and what your budget is and we will make it happen....


From snapped headstocks to worn down nuts we can help!

REPAIRS - from £15